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Emissions monitoring platform

Monitor ship’s emissions, CII and overall performance 

Submit a validated annual report direct to Class through our platform

Beyond compliance


Data collection and validation

Ensure consistent and accurate data collection from ship’s reports with our AI model. Minimize human errors and save time.


Emissions monitoring

Mitigate potential risks associated with non-compliance, operational inefficiencies, and environmental impact. Monitor your EU, global emissions, and the required EUAs as per EU ETS. Quickly adapt emission reduction strategies in response to changing regulations.


CII monitoring

Monitor CII, track your progress towards achieving CII targets and identify potential deviations early on. Evaluate the effectiveness of emission reduction measures and adjust strategies if targets are not being met.


Performance monitoring

Monitor fuel consumption, slip, hull fouling and detect any decrease in propulsion efficiency. Address inefficiencies and achieve significant cost savings.


Report submission

Reduce the risk of errors that could lead to non-compliance. Submit a validated report direct to Class through our platform.

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